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Why not unearth the very best version of you - now? A more confident, empowered, polished and impressive business professional. One who lands that key promotion, dream job or high-level client. If you are ready step out of your comfort zone and into your power, then it's time for us to talk.

“Coaching with Margaret pushed me out of my comfort zone, addressing verbal and non-verbal communication strategies that helped me land a role on the path to my dream job.”  - Laurie M., Major Airline


Margaret is an executive coach, personal brand activator, and a keynote speaker who influences transformational change in those who are ready to accelerate their career success. 

Her client roster includes Amica Mutual Insurance Company, Bank of America, Career Builder, Fidelity Investments, Hasbro, Merrill Lynch, Staples, Inc., and U. S. Trust. 

Margaret partners with individuals, teams, and organizations to improve performance, increase productivity, and drive better bottom line results. Margaret has inspired and influenced thousands of business professionals to step out, step up, and achieve their operational excellence. Her unique and engaging approach pushes her clients way beyond their comfort zones, crushing their self- limiting beliefs and getting the results they once thought were elusive. 
Whether she is helping first-time C-level professionals step into their executive presence, or seasoned entrepreneurs up-level their leadership brand in the face of corporate expansion, Margaret leaves her clients feeling activated, re-invigorated and qualified to take on game-changing career moves. Margaret’s services include executive and individual coaching, group coaching, corporate workshops and keynote speaking.

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Learn more about Margaret’s four-step process to brand activation: Define the Story; Hone Visual Presence; Strengthen Communications; and Craft an Action Plan.

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Bring Margaret on-site to discuss everything from strengthening executive presence to fine-tuning branding elements to augmenting professional presence.  




Margaret will leave your attendees feeling fueled and driven to show up differently. She leads with a mission to help the audience reach for and grab more within their careers. 

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"We brought Margaret in to a company wide meeting to share her message on professional branding and image and how this links to individual and company success. Prior to the presentation, Margaret spent time with our leadership team ensuring she understood our brand and our specific challenges which resulted in a tailored and meaningful presentation. She presented to all levels in our organization and her message was on point and resonated well with the audience. Margaret is an excellent presenter and kept the group engaged with her message and her interactive presentation style. Her topic was new for some and a great reminder for others. Her message was well received and generated conversations that lasted throughout lunch. I would not hesitate to have Margaret back and continue this important conversation."  

- Monette Verrier, Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Manager, Faulkner Consulting Group

“Coaching with Margaret has helped me enhance my presentation and leadership skills through a series of hands on, results focused exercises that have challenged me to think differently and stretch beyond my comfort zone. I have been able to showcase my enhanced skills in meetings with key stakeholders, prospects, outside vendors and internal contacts. I was even able to confidently deliver an awards speech at one of our major events. My confidence has soared. Management noticed and I landed the promotion I desired.” - Julianne S., Insurance Company

“What’s unique about Margaret’s style and program is that she keeps everything simple. If you don’t feel that you have time to add another course or program in your schedule but want to work on leadership presence and achieving your goals, Margaret has a way of encouraging and motivating you without adding to what’s already on your plate. She is refreshing and straightforward.  She was familiar with the concerns I raised and was able to give me real world examples from her own experience that were invaluable toward finding my own solutions.” – Darlene Morris, Senior Director, Development & Grants, ‎Rhode Island Quality Institute

“Margaret is not just about helping her clients with their presence. She understands office dynamics and politics and has the ability to help and coach her clients. She pulls back the onion to get to other layers and that is a real value-add.”

– Marianne Caserta, Vice President of Finance, Carousel Industries 

“Margaret leaves you feeling great about yourself. You gain self-confidence in all areas of your life. She really makes a point to understand how your brand connects to your visual presence.”

– Allison Umbricht, Entrepreneur


“Working with Margaret to create a personal image has positioned me to take my wellness business to the next level. Not only is Margaret knowledgeable about how one’s clothing choices leave an impression on others, she uncovered my potential and helped me see just how fantastic I could look and feel. The trip to the mall was the best shopping experience I’ve ever had!  It was the hands on experience I needed to understand just how to look and (feel) my best and craft the approachable, yet professional image I desire to present professionally. In just a few hours, I acquired a simple core wardrobe of easy to mix and match pieces for any occasion that I absolutely adore.”


"As a speaker, Margaret is engaging, entertaining and most importantly, informative!  Margaret recently conducted a professional image workshop at New England’s Network of Executive Women Spring Event and had the room of 250+ women captivated.  She shared strategies to improve our professional images, not only in how we dress but also how we communicate, verbally and non verbally.  Given the diverse crowd, both age and professional levels, Margaret did an excellent job of shaping her presentation to be applicable for all those attending.  She actively engaged with the audience and used several of our brave members as examples/models.  This session was one of the most interactive that I have experienced with our organization, a real testament to Margaret’s practical approach and ability to engage and involve a crowd."  
- Laurie Rains, Network of Executive Women


"I learned so much from Margaret and her presentation to the Network of Executive Women. I learned that your presence comes from the inside out. Your image is assessed after 2 seconds of meeting someone, so it's very important to dress to how you want to appear. My 3 words of what I want to achieve are: Confident, Approachable, and Reliable. I will be thinking everyday while I get dressed,  is my outfit and accessories saying that I am those 3 and to be consistent with my look. After the presentation, I went through my closet and re-built my "capsule". Thank you Margaret for such a fun and great presentation." - Alyson Leeper

"Margaret is a consummate professional. She readily shares her knowledge and expertise to inspire professionals to project an image that is aligned with their professional goals. She offers practical solutions and ideas to define, create, express and enhance executive presence. As a business woman, she is forward-looking and has vision for results. Her pioneering, positive attitude is a clear strength. She has been a valuable partner of AWE and I would highly recommend hiring Margaret for a "one on one" consultation or for a customized corporate workshop." - Lisa Bergeron, Founder & President, AWE Advancing Women's Excellence

“Margaret’s expert fashion sense helped me launch my new career and a new personal style – the one hidden under years of staleness, waiting to bust out.  I now look 10 years younger with just the right amount of “hip” professionalism for a woman in her 50’s.  I love my updated look (and so does my husband!) I now exude more confidence whether I am meeting clients or friends. Thank you Margaret!”  

"As the owner of a fast-growing business, I consider Margaret's help to have been invaluable. She transformed my look from what I had been when I started my business, a kid with no experience, to what I've become, a powerful, masterful entrepreneur. Now when I walk into a room, I don't have to spend valuable time and energy getting people past how I look; they get it from the moment I step in the door."
- Simon McEntire, Entrepreneur & Business Owner

"Margaret Batting did a wonderful presentation for Womens Club SWANS. She presented some great fashion tips. As a warm and engaging speaker, Margaret was also open to answering some personalized questions from attendees. Everyone enjoyed her presentation and left having learned something new. It was a pleasure to work with Margaret. I would highly recommend her as a presenter."
- Maureen Umehara, Expressive Therapist


"Working with Margaret Batting was a joy! While I spend a lot of my time consulting and training in corporate environments, I hate feeling like I'm putting on a boring, corporate uniform. Having worked with another image consultant who was recommending the same old, black blazer to me that she'd put dozens of other people into... I was feeling frustrated trying to reclaim my own sense of style. Margaret gave me permission to be unexpected or even a little edgy WHILE finding options that would retain a sense of professionalism and respect for the important work I do with my clients. I will never stray again because I know that Margaret wants to help me express my authentic self whether on camera or in person. Thanks Margaret!" - Erin Elizabeth Wells, Founder & CEO, Living Peace LLC

"I really enjoyed your presentation and my team got a lot out of it as well. It as led to many interesting conversations! Funny, your presentation was in my head as a very tired version of me (my kids are little and they keep me up all night) got ready for work this Monday.  But as I heard your voice in my head, I sucked it up and spent the time to get ready, put on a nice suit, fix my hair, etc.  Then when I got to work I realized our CEO was in town and holding an all-company meeting.  So I was glad I looked nice.  Then, out of nowhere, he came up and asked me to present an award to an associate (cameras and all!).  Thank you for influencing me – it was extremely timely!  Great lesson that you never know what you are going to face when you get to work so you better look ready."
- Heather Paquette

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. Our meetings have really changed the way I perceive myself and how I want to (and will be) be perceived. 

I've created a Polyvore account and already ordered what I hope will be one of my go to white blouses (it even has texture). Also, I wanted to share this picture because I was so excited to put this outfit together. Even my husband loves the jacket!" - Maria Rinaudo, Assistant Vice President

“Coaching with Margaret pushed me out of my comfort zone, addressing verbal and non-verbal communication strategies that helped me land a role on the path to my dream job.”  - Laurie M., Major Airline


"I just wanted to reach out again and thank you so much for generously taking the time to meet me and help me yesterday. I walked out of that mall feeling spectacular and went home and showed my fiance all my new stuff. Even he was excited for me because he knows how much anxiety I get about shopping, especially for work (he especially loved the blue dress). I just really wanted you to know what a huge help you were and how appreciative I am of everything you do! Couldn't have done it without you. So I thought a little bit more about it, and in my new clothes it was easier to imagine how I really want to come across, so my words are: confident, assured, successful, and poised. Last night was so much fun, and I will definitely take what I learned in all my future shopping trips! Also thinking of ways to pay it forward. Thank you!"
- Stephanie Lincoln, Key Account Manager


“Margaret did not just focus on my outward appearance, she focused on how I feel on the inside and made me feel so comfortable talking with her.  She took the time to get to know who I was, what style I was drawn to, and then used that to help me find clothes that would make me feel good about myself.  I am someone that struggles with self-confidence, working with Margaret has been an amazing experience and has had a tremendous impact on my life.”
- Rachel Nordquist


"Margaret has been a very welcome addition to my sophomore career class. Her presentation to the students on professional imaging is fun, engaging, and informative. Many of my students said they had no idea how much they needed to learn about this topic and were grateful to learn from Margaret because she made it so entertaining and interactive."
- Amy (Andreliunas) Donegan, Associate Director Career Advising, Boston College Carroll School of Management


"Margaret is fantastic! She provided our Women in Technology population a presentation that was informative, thought provoking and fun. I left with a new way of thinking of how perception plays a huge role in the business world. The techniques and tips she provided were beneficial to all and I only wish I could have harnessed the high-energy buzz in the room after the event."
- Melissa Punchak, Manager of Organizational Programs, Tech Collective


"We hired Margaret for our 2009 and 2010 events for all CareerBuilder Career Fairs throughout the country. Margaret is as professional and as knowledgeable as they come. Her focus was to work with job seekers in a series of presentations to help them learn the best way to look and act from the first interview right up until the last day you work before you retire. She demonstrates many years of experience and shares her insights to really help people put their best foot forward. Margaret is smart, talented, flexible to whatever your needs may be, and is candid and honest with everyone she works with. You will love her personality and the passion she has in her work."
- Ian Barbo, Campaign Manager, Magnetic

“I’ve enjoyed working with Margaret and I am thrilled with the results.  Every goal I had for our time together was met. I have fewer clothes but more outfits. Everything I have fits and flatters. My look is updated and true to me. It is a breeze to get dressed in the morning. I am much more informed and relaxed clothing shopper.  Working with someone to purge a closet of old, dated, not flattering, “on sale but no bargain” clothes is something I’ve wanted to do for years!  If I knew how much fun it would be I would have done it long ago.  Margaret is a pro at what she does. The time and money was totally well spent."





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I styled and was interviewed for "Designer Style for Less" in SO Rhode Island's September issue.

Featured in the "Image can make or break a career" article in Providence Business News.

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I have been a guest on Patricia Raskin's "Positive Business" radio show on AM 790

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