Do you strive for excellence or settle for mediocrity?

How often do you carry on with your day, week or month unconsciously going through the motions? How often do you think about what you truly want or what is most important?

Ask yourself:

Do you strive for excellence or settle for mediocrity?

You can have a MUCH greater impact on those around you if you simply take the time to think and be intentional. Not setting standards and goals may be preventing you from reaching your full potential and experiencing excellence.

As a follow-up to last week’s post, 'How to Communicate A Strong Personal Brand,' the following are tips on how you can strive for excellence instead of settling for mediocrity:

  1. Set your intentions daily. Identify what you want to accomplish each day. Think about how you can have a greater impact on the people you interact with daily. Ask yourself, “How do I want to be remembered by the people I meet for the first time?”

  2. Think about your visual presence. How are you showing up at work, meetings, business engagements and conferences? Have you established a standard that you won’t fall below or do you have a more laissez faire attitude? Strive to look and act as the successful professional you are rather than a disheveled, unorganized (mediocre) person.

  3. Simplify. Streamline your wardrobe, accessories and business essentials to only the pieces that you love and support your professional and personal life and goals. Get rid of the rest. Everything you wear and use tells a story. Make sure it is the story you intend.

  4. Invest in personal development. What are you doing to improve your knowledge, skills and self? Research what other successful professionals have done to supercharge their careers and determine what you can do to step up your game.

  5. Reflect. Take time at the end of each day to review how your day went well and what you could have done better. Starting your day with specific intentions and goals and ending it with reflection helps keep you focused on priorities. You’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve each day and how quickly your standards soar!

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