Treat yourself right in 2017

Happy 2017!

I hope your year is off to an amazing start. I am excited about what lies ahead and look forward to sharing lots of ideas, tips, products and helpful content with you. One of my big business goals this year is to help as many people as possible create a wardrobe and look that they love and an organized closet that reduces their stress level. When you look and feel your best, your confidence soars and your productivity increases. What’s better than that? I’m revamping my offerings and continuing to share my DIY guides and tips to help you get the results you want. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here is my top 10 list for treating myself right in 2017. I hope you’ll add some of these to your list, too! Below, please share some of your tips. I’d love to hear them!

  1. Make my health and well being a top priority. If I’m not at my best then I cannot be the best for my family, friends and clients. To hold myself accountable, I track my activity everyday. Whether it’s the ounces of water I drink or the type of workout I’ve completed, tracking it motivates me get it done.

  2. Do one thing that makes me happy everyday. It can be something as small as buying myself a coffee or eating a piece of chocolate, or it can be a little more lavish like going for a mani-pedi. The key is just doing something for me.

  3. Give myself a break. I’m human. Schedules change, clients cancel and new challenges arise. I’m working on going with the flow - very tough for a Virgo!

  4. Organize my office and create a peaceful, welcoming and inspiring environment just for me.

  5. Spend more time with my girlfriends. These are the relationships that keep me fueled!

  6. Get my own closet and wardrobe back in order. I need to walk my walk. I’m purging what no longer serves me and purchasing pieces that make me feel amazing, like a fabulous pair of Tory Burch caramel-colored boots on sale!

  7. Do more yoga - doing just 30 minutes once a week does wonders for my mindset, and I’m not even a yoga person. Try it!

  8. Schedule a foot massage every few months. My feet take a beating, and I need to be kinder to them as I age.

  9. Take 5-10 minutes at the end of each day to reflect on the wins of the day and what I can do better tomorrow.

  10. Stay in the moment. Time is a gift that should not be squandered.

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