7 ways to Look and Feel Fabulous During the Holiday Season

  1. Drink more water! I know it is tough, but once you see how fantastic your skin starts to look and you find you have more energy, it will be easy to drink at least six glasses a day. I love how I feel when I am hydrated. Try flavored seltzer water and different types of teas to mix it up a bit. Once your skin starts looking fabulous, try this all-natural makeup called Crunchi. I love it. You can get it at Crunchi.com or contact my friend Lisa Davis if you want to learn more or test the products. You can contact her here: Crunchi.com/lisadavis.

  2. Reduce or get rid of bad food altogether, like white sugar, white bread and white pasta. Do it slowly. Moderation is key. Combine better eating with a great workout and you will feel awesome. (No more 'middle tire' or “muffin top” for me!) Check out Juice Plus+ if you need some help with nutrition. It is great for kids, too. TaylorWells.JuicePlus.com

  3. Exercise! Start a mini exercise regime now - even if it is only 15-20 minutes a day. It WILL make you feel better. I guarantee it. And it will help prevent the extra pounds from adding up during the holiday season. I workout for about 22-30 minutes a day and it has changed my life (and I don’t even really like working out). My body looks better, I am so much stronger, and I have more stamina and energy. There is no need to go to a gym or workout for an hour or more to get into great shape. Short, intense and focused workouts translate into big results! Check out BeachBody.com. You can stream these workouts on your phone or your computer. I have completed several of their programs and absolutely love them. I recommend '21 Day Fix' to get started. Workouts are only 30 minutes. If you want to be really challenged, I recommend ‘21 Day Fix Extreme,’ or 'Hard Corps Boot Camp.' Workouts are 22-35 minutes but super intense. I just finished the whole program. I don't think I have ever been in such good shape.

  4. Start purging your closet. Now is the perfect time of year to get it done. Non-profit organizations are looking for donations, or if you need some extra money for the holidays, take your gently worn clothes to a consignment store. You can also sell them through Ebay Valet or try TheRealReal.com if you have super high-end designer clothes that you no longer want. A Real Real representative will come to your home, evaluate your clothes and then take them away to sell for you. It is so easy. They even take jewelry.

  5. Once you purge your closet, review what you have, keep only those items that you absolutely love and that fit you perfectly or that you can have altered to fit you perfectly. If you don't love an item, you are not going to wear it. I know firsthand, because it happens to me. I prefer to have 10 things I love than a jam-packed closet. Most of my clients wear only 20% of their wardrobe. The remaining 80% just takes up space and creates stress! UGH - let it go!!!

  6. Now that you can actually see what you have in your closet, create some new outfit combinations or figure out what is missing from your wardrobe that could help you create more options. For more help on cleaning out and strategically replenishing your closet, check out my closet makeover guide.

  7. Review your social calendar and figure out the outfits your need for upcoming events. I just finished creating a holiday event outfit plan for a client. She sent me a list of events with dates and we figured out outfit options for each event. In addition, we made a list of items she needed to add to her wardrobe and created outfit ideas for her everyday lifestyle along the way.

Now get cracking!

Make one small change each day. Over time it will add up to big results. If you need any help along the way, just give me a call or pop me an email. I'm always happy to help, even if you just have a quick question. I love hearing from you! Comment below, ring me at 617-645-4414, or write me at margaret@margaretbatting.com.

As always, here are some outfit ideas on Pinterest.

For more helpful hints check out my website, Blog, and Tips Page.

If you need more information, have specific questions, or want to have a quick conversation about how I can help you, feel free to contact me at margaret@margaretbatting.com.

Wishing you peace, love and joy!

Succeed with Style!


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