6 ways to recreate your existing wardrobe to look chic, sophisticated and stylish at work

I know for many of us its hard to stay abreast of the latest fashion trends because we are so busy doing way more important things like working, taking care of family, volunteering and taking classes, etc. But I know many of you still want to look the best you can at work and in your personal life. Lately, I’ve had days when I just don’t feel like I’m pulling it together the way I used to or the way I’d like to. Over vacation, I spent some time thinking about why I was struggling and ways I could make it easier to pull together looks that I love and make me feel fabulous. Like you, I don’t have a lot of time to think about my clothes (even though I want to). I have three kids, two companies, and a husband who is the energizer bunny. We travel a lot and I’m involved in a myriad of activities which make getting dressed a challenge. Even though I audit my closet a lot and it is organized it still wasn’t enough. I decided I needed a new way to operate and I want to share it with you. Below, I have outlined the steps I took to do it.

Here are my 6 steps to get you started:

  1. Go through your wardrobe and select your top 10 favorite items and hang them on a rolling rack or place them on the floor.

  2. Try each item on to make sure they still look and feel great, and fit perfectly. Tailor or tweak as needed. Our bodies change overtime. A garment that fit a year ago may need a nip or tuck this year.

  3. Evaluate the style, quality and lines of your top 10 items. Make sure the item is still current, well made and in great shape. The lines of the garment can transform a simple style top or pant to chic and sophisticated.

  4. Create 2 outfits using each piece. Take pictures so you can reference your creations.

  5. Make a list of when you could wear each outfit. For example; I have created three new presentation outfits, three client-meeting outfits and three everyday business outfits. Create a list for both professional and personal activities.

  6. Make a list of items you may need to add to keep your wardrobe stylish. Choose an on trend shoe for a classic dress or purchase a skirt in the latest print.

Just because your co-workers may not care about what they wear doesn’t mean it’s not important. Your image speaks volumes. Plus, when you look and feel your best, you do your best. Your standards are raised and your performance reflects better results. Share with me below some of your ideas and outfit options.

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