You Don't Need To Be A Fashionista Or Loaded To Look & Feel Your Best

Last week I talk about how to jump-start the closet audit process, and I hope I inspired you to start reviewing your wardrobe. Once you have a closet filled with the right clothes, it’s so much easier to pull yourself together. Plus, you‘ll feel amazing because everything fits and flatters. Today, I want to share with you why you don’t need to be a fashionista or be loaded to look and feel your best. It does, however, take a little time and effort but the results are definitely worth it. Working with many clients, I have figured out there are six main reasons why most people don’t look and feel their best and why many people struggle to pull themselves together.

  1. They are overwhelmed by the amount of clothes they have collected over the years. The thought of evaluating every item in their closet is absolutely paralyzing, especially for those who are still holding on to clothes from college or from before they were pregnant for the first time.

  2. They have no idea what works for their body anymore. Maybe they have gained a little weight or their lifestyle has changed, but they keep wearing the same clothes from ten years ago and wonder why they don’t look of feel good.

  3. They shop on impulse without thinking about what they need or what can be easily paired with what’s already in their closet. There is nothing wrong with buying something you didn’t expect to find, but buying just because an item is on sale isn’t the best strategy. You’ll never have a closet filled with clothes you love and that work together. You’ll end up with a wardrobe filled with orphans.

  4. They focus on body issues. Instead of focusing on what’s wonderful about their body they focus on what they don’t like such as their tummy, hips or behind.

  5. They feel guilty spending money on themselves. A wardrobe that fits, flatters and feels great requires an investment. I’m not saying you need to break the bank but you do need to spend some dough on key pieces that look amazing on you and last more than a year. Take a look at my Tips and Resources page for the 12 essential items every wardrobe should have - there are separate lists for both men and women. For more help with this, check out my post: "How to Look Like a Serious Professional Without Breaking the Bank." In addition to purchasing quality pieces, tailoring your clothes to fit YOU perfectly is essential! Making small adjustments like shortening the sleeves of a jacket and taking in the ribcage or changing the quality of buttons can make a moderately priced jacket look super expensive. Skip your Starbucks coffee for a week and you’ll be able to afford the tailoring!

  6. They have no plan. To create a wardrobe that supports your personal and professional life and your goals, you need a plan. You can’t wing the shopping process and end up with the right mix of clothes that allow you to look and feel amazing and communicate the messages you intend. Reviewing your current wardrobe and understanding what works and why coupled with identifying the key items necessary to create the right outfit combinations are the keys to a fabulous wardrobe. Some of my previous posts will help you through this process - and should you need more help, feel free to comment below or contact me directly (

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So what’s holding you back? Share your comments below and let me know if I can help. Have fun and enjoy the process!

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