3 Steps To A Killer Wardrobe

One of the keys to looking and feeling your best is having a killer wardrobe. I know it is easier said than done, but I also know that it is totally doable because I help my clients do it all the time! Getting started is the hardest part. To help you get the ball rolling, download a free copy of my closet makeover guide. For those of you who have already downloaded a copy - thank you! You’ve completed the first step to making a change. I am excited you’ve decided you deserve a closet filled with clothes that you absolutely love and make you feel amazing! I know that reviewing all the clothes in your closet can seem overwhelming, but it can also be liberating. Who doesn’t want a completely organized closet with only those clothes that fit, flatter and feel great? If you are not quite ready to do a full closet audit, then start with the three small steps I’ve outline below. Even if you only complete these three steps, I know you will feel better and may even be inspired to do more!

STEP 1 - Chose one category to review. Take all the items in this category out of your closet and lay them on your bed. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I like the way it feels when I touch it?

  2. Does it fit me perfectly?

  3. Does it flatter my figure?

  4. Is it the right style for me?

  5. Is it still in style?

  6. Is it the right color for my complexion?

  7. Does it feel good on my body?

  8. Does is still work for my lifestyle?

  9. Is it still in good shape?

  10. Does it go with 2 or more items in my closet?

  11. Do I love it and does it make me happy?

If you answered yes to all the questions above then the item is a keeper. If not, then let it go. If it needs a little repair or tailoring then it’s a keeper but if it has seen better days, then dump it. If it’s not your style anymore or you just don’t like it, donate it. By going through this exercise you’ll end up keeping only the best pieces.

STEP 2 - Remove any clothes that you know you need to lose weight to fit back into. We all have these clothes lurking in our closet, but the truth is we are not going to get into them today so they shouldn’t be in our main closet. If you are not ready to part with them yet, then put them in another closet or tote. There is nothing worse then starting the day looking at our clothes and seeing a pair of pants or dress staring back at us saying “It doesn’t fit.” Move it out!!

STEP 3 - Each time you wear a piece and return it to your closet, turn the hanger around. Do this for six months. At the end of six months, evaluate the clothes you haven’t worn by asking yourself the questions in step one. By the end of this exercise you’ll have cleared out the clothes that are no longer working for you, plus you’ll have a better idea of what’s missing. You’ll be ready to add some new pieces that support your goal of creating a killer wardrobe and story you intend.

There you have it. 3 easy steps that move you closer to creating the wardrobe of your dreams that fits, flatters and makes you feel amazing!!

Share your comments below. I want to hear about your progress!

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