4 Ways To Enhance Your Workplace Image

Are you in a rut? Tired of the unpredictable New England weather and trying to figure out what to wear from one day to the next? I know I am! One day I feel like I need my winter coat and the next I am wearing sandals. I’m dying to wear my new spring fashions, yet I’m still in dark colors, and even boots on some days! To manage this crazy weather, I’m focusing on four things that will help me look and feel my best and they will help enhance your image too.

  1. Revamp your makeup. Every season it’s a good idea to change up your makeup and get rid of the products you’ve had for months, especially eye-make. Eye infections can happen very easily with the creamery products. Change them every 3-6 months. It’s also nice to try a new look that complements the season. The hotter months are great time to try lighter colors. Keeping the same color palette can often make you appear dated. A polished face completes your look and tells others you care about yourself. Check out this 10 minute makeup tutorial for inspiration!

  2. Update your hairstyle. Why not try a new look or some highlights during the warmer months? A new hairstyle is one of the quickest ways to enhance your appearance. If you’re a newbie to the workforce it helps make you appear more experienced. Conversely, coloring your hair can shave years off your appearance. I’ll be visiting the salon this week! As for the guys, try a shorter look for the summer or if you are struggling with major hair loss, maybe it’s time to take the leap and shave it all off! Looking for a great hairstylist? Check out my resource page for some of my faves!

  3. Take care of your feet and hands. There is nothing more unattractive than neglected feet especially in sandals! You don’t want to be remembered for your feet. This goes for guys too. Our feet take a beating every day, so why not give them some TLC. The same goes for your nails. Treat them with care. If you don’t have time for a manicure, cut them short, file them down and put some cream on the cuticles.

  4. Choose a “go to” piece that kicks your look up a notch. I love blazers and three quarter length jackets. I always feel super pulled together when I have one on. Even if I am wearing jeans it enhances my look immediately. I like to wear ones in interesting fabrics, styles or patterns. They help make me stand out and look unique while remaining polished. Plus, they give me a boost on a gray day and when it’s cold they serve as an extra layer!

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