Are you making these 7 shopping mistakes?

How many times have you bought something that you already had in your closet? Or thought you scored a great deal on a “must have” item only to realize you have nothing to go with it? It happens ALL the time. I can’t tell you what I find in my client’s closets that should have never been purchased! I’ll be honest, I have had my own trials and tribulations with shopping and quite frankly, I enjoy shopping way more for my clients than for myself. That’s why I can empathize with my client’s struggles and mistakes because I have been there too! That’s way I am so committed to helping my client’s look and feel like the Rock Stars they are.

Stop making these 7 mistakes and your next shopping day will be a breeze!

  1. Waiting until the last minute Waiting until the last minute to shop for a dress or outfit for a major event limits your options and is stressful! When you wait, you end up with a dress that is less than perfect for you and you spend more money than necessary out of desperation. It’s so much better to buy a dress when you’re out shopping for other items and happen to fall upon the perfect dress. Buy it!

  2. Because it’s on sale Buying something simply because it seems like a good deal is a waste of money! Purchases like these often end up as orphans and never get worn. Before you make this type of purchase, ask yourself if you love it and if you have at least two or three other items in your closet that can go with it. If the answers are no, then leave it! You’re money is more valuable spent elsewhere. Maybe on a new bag.

  3. Shopping when you are tired and hungry Shopping when you are tired and hungry is the absolute worst time to shop. Your mind is elsewhere and you’ll end up overspending on the wrong item.

  4. Shopping with a friend I know it is super fun to have a “girls” shopping day but it’s hard to focus on yourself when you have your friends with you. They may not have the same shopping philosophy as you and may not have the same discipline and focus. Your goal is to build a fabulous and cohesive wardrobe not a piece meal one.

  5. Shopping without a list It’s hard to shop effectively when you don’t have a plan. You need to know what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. Otherwise, you’ll end up overwhelmed and buy impulse items or items that you already have in your closet.

  6. Shopping on the weekend I know shopping during the week may be tough but shopping on the weekend is downright exhausting and frustrating. Between parking, long check out lines and limited sales help I’d rather shop on a week night when I can park close to the store, have someone wait on me and get in and out quickly.

  7. Thinking you’ll find everything at once We’d all love to find everything we want in one shopping session but that just isn’t realistic. It takes time to find the right items and certainly you need to manage your budget. That is why it is so important to have a plan! You can create your plan by downloading the Closet Makeover Guide, which includes an easy 4-setp process and complete shopping list.

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