How You Can Stand Out At The Next Career Fair

Searching for a full time position after graduation, or an internship position for the summer months can be overwhelming and stressful. The Internet seems to have endless sights that list potential opportunities. You send your information into cyberspace hoping you stand out just enough to land that coveted interview! On the other hand, career fairs are a great opportunity to get right in front of a potential employer where you can demonstrate your communication skills and discuss your capabilities. Follow these tips and make a great first impression!

Set Goals for the Event Employer lists are available prior to the career fair event. Review the list and determine which companies you want to target. Have a clear plan for what you want to accomplish. Set goals like making ten strong contacts at your most desired companies. Preparation reduces stress and reaps big results.

Be Prepared After making your list of the top employers you want to meet, do your research on each company. Try to find unique information that not everyone will be sharing with the recruiter. You have about 30 seconds to make a great first impression, so what you choose to share is helping you stand out. Choose an aspect of the company that you admire and why you feel you embody that aspect; the key is finding a way to keep the conversation going and creating a memorable experience for the employer. If you have applied to this company online, have a copy of your resume ready to give to the employer!

Be Patient Career fairs attract a lot of attendees so it may take time to speak with the more popular employers. Stick to your goals! Be patient and polite; it could make all the difference when your application is being reviewed!

Follow Up Don’t miss an opportunity! Follow up immediately after the event. Even if the conversation did not go as you expected or wanted, send a follow up email to each employer you spoke with immediately after the event. Include information about your conversation and why you think you are a fit for that particular company. You can keep track of your conversations by writing mini notes or key words on the back of an employer’s business card. It’s a great way to remember something about the people you meet.

You Can Do It! Career fairs can be overwhelming at first, but if you have a plan and prepare accordingly you’ll reap big results! Each new experience is an opportunity to learn and improve.

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Kaitlyn DiPietro is a junior at Simmons College in Boston, MA studying Retail Management. She is highly involved in the Undergraduate Admissions office as well as in the School of Management. She has a passion for the fashion industry and also loves to help people find their inner confidence.

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