What is Amazing About You?

I like to begin the image improvement process with my clients by working on the inside first. When you feel good on the inside, it is much easier to shine on the outside. I teach my clients how to identify their authentic style. Anyone can change their clothing, hairstyle and even makeup, but if they don’t work on how they feel about themselves, the change or transformation won’t be authentic or sustainable. It is essential for you to transform from the inside out. Think about the different makeover shows on TV. Friends and family nominate the participants for the show. They usually have a big image challenge that is holding them back from achieving their goals. The participants always think there image is unique and nothing is wrong. What we usually find out is that the participant suffers from low self-esteem and confidence or has perception issues about herself and her body that are preventing her from becoming her absolute best and to truly shine. Once she begins to address how she is really feeling about herself and why she feels that way, she can begin the transformation process. Are you ready to start the process? Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Create a list of your proudest career achievements. List as many as you can remember. If you are a student transitioning to the job market or have just started working, make a list of your proudest achievements in school, sports or the community.

  2. Make a list of all those attributes that you believe make you unique. Do you speak multiple languages? Do you have specialized training? Are you more persistent and tenacious than anyone you know?

  3. Make a list all the new skills you have developed over the past year. Maybe you learned a new software program or social media strategy. If it is a skill you didn’t have before, then list it!

  4. Make a list of all your greatest strengths. Are you an effective listener? Do you have strong communication or writing skills?

  5. Finally, ask friends, family members and business colleagues (not coworkers) the following questions:

  • What attributes do they think make you unique?

  • What do they think are your greatest strengths?

Once you have collected this information, I want you to set aside at least 30 minutes to read through the lists to see if you can identify any patterns. Are there attributes or skills that show up consistently?

Now, create your new list highlighting your strongest skills and unique attributes. What did you find out about yourself? Identifying your strengths will grant you a clear picture of what you want to accentuate, which is the first step in improving your personal presence.

If you want more information or additional help going through this process then give me a call (617-645-4414) or pop me an email. I’d be happy to share with you my online program and coaching options.

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