What’s your Fashion Personality?

Is your closet filled with a variety of clothing styles ranging from dramatic, fashion forward to khaki pants or does your wardrobe reflect a more consistent range of styles that are similar in color, design and level of refinement? I bet many of you didn’t know that there are seven basic fashion styles or personalities. Most of us tend to gravitate towards a primary style with influences from one or two of the other style personalities. However, if your clothes are allover the board then it becomes harder to identify your fashion personality. Once you know and understand your style it makes curating a killer wardrobe that much easier.

It also allows you to communicate a more consistent story. When you mix many different styles together or wear completely different style personalities from one day to the next, you confuse those around you - whether at work or in your personal life. When people meet you for the first time they want to feel comfortable; they want to trust you, feel confident in your capabilities and know that you have their best interests at heart. Sending mixed messages through your visual presence makes it more difficult to cultivate strong relationships. I’m not saying that you can’t be creative with the way you dress, but when your style is a hodge-podge you may not be communicating the image you intend. The way you present yourself from the top of your head to the tip of your toes can help tell the story you want the world to know about you.

So, what fashion personality are you? Take a look at the descriptions below and see which one resonates most with you. In my next post I’ll share more specific details about each fashion personality, so stay tuned.

Classic: This look is traditional, conservative, uncomplicated, tailored and timeless. Think Jackie-O and Audrey Hepburn. This look has an air of elegance and refinement. The classic woman always appears poised and in control. Her look communicates that she is trustworthy, reliable, organized and conscientious. She values quality more than quality and is focused on style more than what’s in fashion.

Dramatic: This look is bold and sophisticated. The dramatic woman likes to make a statement when she enters the room. She is confident, assertive, striking and intimidating. She gravitates toward the boldest colors in her color palette. Think Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.

Artistic/creative: This look is innovative, free-spirited, ethnic and avant- garde. The artistic woman is not a follower. She will never conform to what is considered “in style.” She is unpredictable in the way she mixes colors, separates and accessories. She is unconventional, spontaneous, independent and imaginative. Think Rihanna and Gwen Stephanie.

Romantic: The look is feminine, soft, demure and ladylike. The romantic woman is supportive, warm, considerate, gentle, charming and gracious. She prefers a modest look that’s loose and flowing.

Euro-chic: The euro-chic woman is simple yet edgy. She is not a fashion victim. She is assured, elegant and relaxed. This style exudes a very personal drama even for her every day image. Think Kate Moss.

Sporty: This style is relaxed and allows for easy movement. She is fun, outgoing, cheerful and energetic. This woman appears to have the least interest in fashion. She likes to be comfortable, carefree and natural. Nothing is tight or form fitting. She likes clothes that are soft, flowing looks with an earthy, outdoorsy feeling.

Alluring: This look is the epitome of sexy. The alluring woman is confident with her body and likes to show it off. She enjoys form-fitting clothing that highlights her assets. She is captivating, exciting, seductive and daring.


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