Will You Be My Valentine?

Love is in the air! And Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! We all know that gift giving can be tricky waters to navigate. What to get, how much to spend, when to give (or not give), the art of regifting, and the list goes on! People tell me all the time how stressful they find choosing a gift…even for someone they know very well!

My wish is to remove that stress and take you back to enjoying the simple thrill of giving someone something they’re going to love. In my heart I know there are really just two golden rules to gift giving:

Give a gift when the feeling moves you.

Give a gift that is meaningful to the person to whom you are gifting.

That’s really it! If you lead with your heart, the nuances of price, timing, regifting…they all just fall away.

I love Valentine’s Day because it’s really all about thoughtfulness and making the people you love feel your love. In honor of this beautiful day, I’ve created the SuthinGirl Sweetheart Guide to help you surprise your Valentine with a special southern-made something and I invite you to come take a peek!

You’ll find a little something in there for every type of Valentine… the fashionista, the chef, the art lover, the nester, the bookworm, the foodie, and more!

Shop SuthinGirl.com today so you’ll have your gift in time to surprise your sweetie pie!

While you're visiting SuthinGirl.com, be sure to register to win one of FOUR amazing Sweetheart Totes filled to the brim with gorgeous southern-made goodies from the Sweetheart Guide. It’s incredible! Drawing is this Friday, February 12th!

Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!

About the Blogger:

Ashley Stamoulis is the Founder of SuthinGirl, the premier source for fashion, food and finer things in the South. Visit her blog at www.SuthinGirl.com to shop fabulous curated collection of southern-made treasures. SuthinGirl will introduce you to southern creators, artists, chefs, entrepreneurs, musicians, style makers, business scions, community leaders and even the folks next door, and bring you along as she ventures to beautiful places and events all around the South. You’ll find even more gorgeous photos and daily glimpses into Ashley’s life as a SuthinGirl on Facebook at SuthinGirl and on Instagram and Twitter at @SuthinGirl.


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