Social Media: The Best Way to Market Yourself

The words “social media” have become some of the biggest buzzwords today! It is becoming easier and easier to keep in touch with every update in our lives. Celebrities keep in touch with their millions of followers, newscasters can share minute by minute posts on current stories, and families can quickly reconnect!

Your social media accounts are a great place to show off your inner personality; something a resume and cover letter can’t always give you! Utilizing any tools you can to properly market yourself is one of the best decisions you can make for your career! However, your social media accounts can be as much of a curse as they are a blessing!

Here are my tips to keep you successful:

Keep it classy!

Your accounts show who you are! They can help showcase your personality, achievements and what’s unique about you. Ask yourself this question, “What do I want people to think about when they look at my pages?” Do you want to convey your views, your artistic side, maybe your love of photography? Think about what people are seeing and try to look at it from an employer’s point of view.

Would your grandmother approve?

We all have clouded judgment at times so be careful when posting to social media sights. Before you post, ask yourself this simple question “would grandma approve?” If the answer is no then don’t do it!

Watch the language please!

I am all for free expression, but keep any language that may seem unprofessional out of your social media posts! Unprofessional language can deter how people actually view your posts and make them miss the entire message!

Your account setting “Private” does not always mean private.

Selecting a private setting on your account does make it private to some extent; however, if an employer is looking to find out some information about you, they will find it! Make sure that if there is anything you don’t want an employer to see, don’t post it!

Be true to who you are!

Social media is an incredible form for expression! You get to make the decision as to how people will see you! There are so many platforms to choose from and with each one you are offering a new way for someone to get a better idea about the kind of person that you are!

Have some fun with your social media and let people see the real you! As long as you pay attention to what you are posting, let the real you shine!

About the Blogger

Kaitlyn DiPietro is a junior at Simmons College in Boston, MA studying Retail Management. She is highly involved in the Undergraduate Admissions office as well as in the School of Management. She has a passion for the fashion industry and also loves to help people find their inner confidence.

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