6 Tips to Beat the Cold in Style

Want to look your best even when the weather isn’t cooperating? Sometimes that can be challenging especially for those of us who live in New England. We have been spoiled by beautiful weather this fall and winter. Now, the yucky weather is upon us. So if you want to look polished, poised and professional even when it’s snowing, sleeting and raining then keep reading.

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Invest in the best all weather boots you can find. Aquatalia makes a very stylish boot that complements any professional outfit. They are a bit pricey but certainly worth the investment if you have to wear them everyday for a few months. Think cost per wearing! Hunter boots are a good alternative.

  2. Skip the puffy parker unless it is a major snowstorm. Guys- its time to invest in a topcoat. Wearing a parker or fleece over a suit or sport coat screams “newbie.” If you work in a very casual environment then try this coat from Barbour. There are several coat options that communicate a stylish, professional appearance and a fleece is not one of them.

  3. Purchase waterproof gloves to avoid ruining your leather ones or soaking your wool ones when you have to clear your car of snow and ice.

  4. For days when it is sleeting, use an umbrella that complements your style. Avoid anything too cutesy or novelty. Replace it when it starts showing wear and tear.

  5. Find a hat and scarf that complements your coat and your complexion! Remember, colors can make your look young and vibrant or tired and old. You want the best colors around your face. That goes for the guys too.

  6. Buy a tote, computer bag or cross over bag made of weather resistant material. This way you don’t have to worry about ruining your nice leather bag or tote, yet you will still look pulled other. Ladies you can check out some options at longchamp.com and for the guys try the 'Kinsale' Water Resistant Messenger Bag at Nordstrom.

Check out my outfit recommendations on Pinterest and get more information on my Tips & Resource page or on my blog.

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