How to Turn Negative New Year's Resolutions into Positive Revelations

I'm not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. I find most people drop them within the last half of January and spend the next few weeks wallowing in guilt. What a sorry way to start off the New Year.

I prefer to kick off the New Year by reveling in my accomplishments from the prior year. Then, I like to think about what’s possible for the year ahead. I find that a lot more exciting than focusing on resolutions. Just the word “resolution” sounds so negative. January is a great time to take stock, reflect and re-evaluate what is important to you and where you want to go.

Here is how I stay focused and motivated, and you can to:

  1. Write down your major personal and professional achievements from 2015.

  2. I think about what excites me most in both my professional and personal life. Then I create some interesting and realistic goals.

  3. I think about what type of impact I want to have in 2016, both personally and professionally. I want to take my business to a new level and I want to be an even better mother!

  4. I ask myself regularly if my image and communication skills match my goals. Am I really telling the story I want through my visual presence or am I sending mixed messages?

  5. I invest in professional development every year! Whether it means taking a year-long workshop or hour-long online tutorial, I take stock of what I need to do to hone my professional skills.

  6. I organize my home and office space so I am more productive and efficient.

  7. I make sure my resume, stationary and all of my professional online profiles communicate a polished and consistent message.

  8. I update my professional online profiles to reflect my most recent accomplishments or business information.

  9. I purge my closet of clothes that are no longer serving me (or if I simply just don’t like them anymore) and I invest in some clothes that reflect a modern and successful image.

  10. I make sure my environment (ie: my office and business tools) are consistent with my image. This includes keeping my car clean inside and out.

Remember your image speaks volumes about who you are and where you are going. Why not take it to the next level this year and feel your absolute best so you can achieve your absolute most?

Succeed with Style in 2016!

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