How to Accessorize

Jewelry can quickly take an outfit from drab to fab AND it can also enhance your assets or detract from any problem areas. Here are some more tips on how to accessorize successfully from jewelry expert, Joanie Neenan of eSBe designs.

1. A LONGER necklace can make you look taller and leaner. A statement necklace can bring the eye to the face and take the focus off a larger bottom half.

2. Want to attract the eye to the thinnest part of your body? Then layer lots of bangles and bracelets. The eye will be drawn right to your wrist!

3. To create balance and harmony, wear your bracelets, necklaces and rings in “odd” numbers. Try wearing three stacked rings instead of two.

4. If you want to draw attention away from your bust area, then avoid the “valley.” That is when your necklace falls into your cleavage. Try wearing a cami under your shirt to help your necklace lay flat.

5. We all need our “go to” pieces of jewelry that complete any outfit or just make us feel great. Find your “go to” earrings in gold and silver so you are ready for anything!

6. If you want to create some interest to your look, try mixing your metals and jewels together.

7. Every accessory collection needs an S-Hook. This nifty little piece helps your necklaces do double duty. It can turn a long necklace into a shorter one and it can create a bracelet too.

8. It is always nice to have a “go to” necklace that can stand-alone or be worn as a layering piece. Find one that really communicates your unique style.

9. Statements rings are a fabulous addition to your jewelry collection. You’ll want to make the ring the focal point, so skip the bangles.

10. If your look is more conservative, AKA "Jackie O style," then matching your jewelry may work better for you.

The key to accessorizing is experimentation. Try out different options and see what works for you. Keep in mind, you want your jewelry to complement your outfit and style not take away from it. Have fun and enjoy! For more tips on accessorizing, check out my article: "Transform An Outfit Into A WOWFIT In Seconds."

About the Blogger:

Joanie Neenan, is a Founding Ambassador and Executive Director with esbe Design. An upscale designer jewelry company that was created by Atlanta designer Sara Blaine, whose luxury line has been sold in high-end jewelry stores since 1999. Sara created esbe Designs in April of 2014 as her outreach to the consumer to bring them beautiful handcrafted designer jewelry. The skilled silversmith’s detailed work makes each piece an impeccably stunning work of art & highlights the natural beauty of metals & hand-picked gemstones. Timeless Designs just for You!

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