Transform an outfit into a WOWFIT in seconds

How many times have you put on an outfit and thought: "I wish I had the perfect accessory to complete the look"? Jewelry has the power to transform an outfit to a WOWFIT in seconds. The trick is figuring out what works for you!

Here are my tops tips for this seasons hottest looks.

1. It is all about the Fringe. It is HOT HOT HOT. You will find fringe on sweaters, boots, pocketbooks, earrings, and necklaces. Try this trend with fun tassel necklaces or earrings.

2. Chains, Chains and more Chains. As you stroll down Madison Avenue, you’ll see chains everywhere: on handbags such as Stella McCartney and Chanel, and on embellished shoes, boots, wrists and necks. Not only do they come in silver, gold and platinum, but in different shapes and sizes, from chunky to petite to long. You name it chains are in!

4. Mix-Mix....don’t just match! Gone are the days of wearing only silver tones or gold tones. Today, it’s all about the mix-mix. Don’t be afraid to combine silver, gold and different metals. They will certainly add interest to your wardrobe.

5. Layering can be luxurious. But you need to follow some rules:

1. Layer jewelry by using a color or theme.

2. Mix high contrast styles like pearls, crystals and beads.

3. Layer delicate necklaces with chunky beads.

4. Layer delicate charm necklaces with a strand of stones or crystal beads.

5. Wear a statement cuff with link chains, bangles or beads.

6. Mix big and bold jewels together. Ensure they lay at different angles to ensure each stone stands out.

7. Add one vibrant color to elements like silver, stone or brass.

Don’t be afraid of jewelry, have fun with it. But if you are still feeling lost and confused, read my article: "How to Accessorize," for more tips on how to pull it all together.

Joanie Neenan, is a Founding Ambassador and Executive Director with esbe Design. An upscale designer jewelry company that was created by Atlanta designer Sara Blaine, whose luxury line has been sold in high-end jewelry stores since 1999. Sara created esbe Designs in April of 2014 as her outreach to the consumer to bring them beautiful handcrafted designer jewelry. The skilled silversmith’s detailed work makes each piece an impeccably stunning work of art & highlights the natural beauty of metals & hand-picked gemstones. Timeless Designs just for You!

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video on how our jewelry is made:

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