Holiday Gifting at Work: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Sweater

Yes, I like you people. But do I seriously have to give you holiday gifts?

Sound familiar? It should. That’s your thought bubble right about now! We all have sooooo much on our plates this time of year that when it comes to gift giving—especially to those nice folks at work—it’s that “I-cannot-handle-one-more-thing” feeling all wrapped up with a pretty bow. Or stuffed inside a recycled gift bag. You’re smiling to yourself right now because you know I’m right!

Together we can break the gloomy cycle of re-gifting and stress. Ready? Let’s go!

Giving Holiday Cheer without Losing Yours

  1. START now. Seriously. Like, as soon as you finish reading this. Otherwise you’ll probably forget.

  2. SET a budget and make a list. I suggest splashing out on the people who make your life easier all year long. Your assistant, the parking garage attendant…think about who holds the keys to your comfort and joy. These are the people who deserve your most thoughtful choices.

  3. STREAMLINE. Divide your list into categories and decide on one gift idea for each category. One for co-workers, one for assistants, one for your boss, one for clients, one for service providers.

  4. SHOP. I love online shopping! Do this whenever you can. With the world at your fingertips and free shipping offered at most places leading up to the holidays, there’s no reason not to!

  5. SMILE. No gift or gift wrap can beat the sentiment conveyed in a genuine smile, handshake or hug. Enjoy a little holiday cheer together!

The Classics: Go-To Gifts for Everyone

BUBBLES I love giving Champagne or Prosecco at the holidays! There are so many occasions for it this time of year and beyond that, it’s such a happy little thing to keep chilling in the refrigerator for when friends pop by. You can find very reasonably, tasty choices at your local liquor store.

Depending on the size of your list, you may want to buy a case to take advantage of any discounts offered by the store (typically 10% off a case of 24 bottles). Have bottles left over? Set aside a couple for yourself and then gift to your neighbors and kids’ teachers for the holidays!

At around $38 per bottle for Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label and $15 per bottle for La Marca Prosecco, there’s not much worth giving at the same price point that will be as universally well received. Bonus! (prices of bubbly may vary depending on your location) No need to wrap! Purchase some holiday ribbon and festive gift tags, and off you go!

You can personalize a bottle of bubbles by adding something complimentary like a pair of Reidel stemless champagne glasses ($25 per set) or fun holiday cocktail napkins. I love finding funny ones that suit a certain personality or looking on eBay for vintage sets. Either way, you won’t add more than $5 to $10 to the overall gift, and it adds a really memorable touch!

BEAUTY There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t crave a little spa time, especially around the holidays! Pretty nails for a special party, a facial to pamper dry winter skin, a massage to melt away the stress you’ve caused them all year…kidding! But seriously, do a little sleuthing. If you’re a man you may not know the best place to go, so ask around.

A simple mani/pedi gift card to someplace near the office won’t break the bank and you can go from there. Two online spa gift card options are Spafinder Wellness 365 and Bliss World. Spafinder is a network of over 20,000 spas, fitness and wellness centers, yoga studios, salons, hotels and resorts. Gift cards can be purchased in any denomination at, delivered via email (perfect for last minute gifting!), print or mail and never expire. Same goes for Bliss World gift cards which are sold for $25 and up at and can also be used to purchase any of their fabulous beauty products.

Regardless of how much you spend, I’m a big fan of adding a little something special whenever you give a gift card or gift certificate. It gives soul and a personal touch to the gift. In this case, a small hand lotion, scented candle or lip balm would be perfect.

Holiday Gifting Hint! There are oodles of special holiday gift sets out there right now. Once you break up a gift set, you’ll actually pay less than if you bought each item individually. These delicious Tocca hand creams are $15 for a set of three, just $5 each! The perfect addition to a mani/pedi gift card would be the brand new holiday duo Deborah Lippmann ‘Roses in the Snow’ ($15 per set).

Feeling in control of your holiday gifting now? Who’s gonna kick some serious online shopping tail? You are! And I love it! Mull that wine, crank up Sinatra on the stereo, throw on your tacky Christmas sweater and rock it, baby. You got this. Cheers!

SuthinGirl 2015 Holiday Gift Guide I can’t wait!!!! Starting next week and continuing until Christmas, SuthinGirl will roll out a brand-new, fabulous list of hand-picked holiday gifts each week. I’m head-over-heels in LOVE with everything I’ve chosen and there is literally something for everyone on your holiday list at a wide range of prices. There are even handy dandy links for easy shopping!

Head over to right this minute and sign up to follow the blog so you’ll automatically receive your weekly Holiday Gift Guide the moment it’s published!

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