Dress to Impress This Holiday Season

Want to truly shine during the Holiday season, especially at your office party or important business event? Then you will want to put some time and effort into the messages your clothing and manners convey about you. What you wear speaks volumes about who you are as a business professional and where your career is headed. With a little planning and creativity, you can look and feel your absolute best at every event you attend and make those around you feel at ease.

  1. Keep your outfit simple and professional. This is not the time to wear that hot new sequin mini with a 5-inch heel. Instead, choose one focal piece such as a statement top or amazing necklace and build you outfit around it.

  2. Don't blow your budget on one party dress. Try a sequin or Satin jacket or top that can work with multiple pieces. A sequin jacket can be worn over a cocktail dress, with a chiffon skirt or a great pair of black pants.

  3. Find shoes that look great but don't kill your feet. There is nothing worse than seeing a stylishly dressed woman hobbling home at the end of the night because her feet are killing her. Try a stacked shoe or sandal. I love Stewart Weitzman! www.stewartweitzman.com

  4. If time permits, have your hair blown out for that special party. There is nothing better than having a good hair day or, in this case, a good hair night.

  5. Guys, invest in some updated party clothes. A great fitting black blazer in cashmere or crushed velvet always looks chic. If you do choose to invest in a tux, make sure it is good quality and the style suits your personality.

  6. Brush up on your party etiquette. Proper manners speak volumes and can highlight you a positive way!

  7. And last but not least, stick to one or two cocktails at the most so you maintain a professional demeanor. You don’t want to ruin your polished reputation in one evening.

Succeed with Style and Enjoy the Holiday Season!

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