Are You Ready for that Special Occasion?

​How many times have you been invited to a special event and thought to yourself, “Oh no! I have nothing to wear!” Panic sets in and you wait until the last minute to shop. As a result, you spend too much money on an outfit you “kinda” like but don’t really love. Then on top of it all you end up not feeling your absolute best when in fact you could have rocked your look with a little planning. If you want to stand out from the crowd, have exceptional presence and always look appropriate, follow these simple rules.

  1. It’s always better to overdress than under dress. You can always take your jacket off and look more casual instantly. It is a lot harder to dress up a casual outfit.

  2. Make time to shop for the perfect outfits so when the invitations start rolling in, you are ready to go.

  3. Focus on darker colors like black, jade, plum and charcoal, as these are more formal and elegant.

  4. Invest in quality fabrics.

  5. Select clothes with texture and interesting details or embellishments. A little black dress is great but it is fun to mix it up a bit.

  6. Buy a fantastic pair of sandals or pumps that can be paired with a simple dress.

  7. Men, invest a stylish blazer. It is the quickest way to dress up any outfit, including jeans.


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