A Beginner's Guide to LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become an incredible tool for student and business professionals alike to connect and grow professional networks. Maintaining your LinkedIn profile and keeping all of your information up-to-date can help expand many opportunities for you, as well as aid in gaining better background knowledge on the companies or industries that you are interested in.

A professional profile picture is a must.

Skip the selfie and invest in a professional headshot. Having a professional photo makes your profile look polished and complete. You can ask a friend with a professional camera or check out student photographers. Even Target Studios is an option. Choose an outfit that is professional and makes you look and feel confident.

Keep your experience relevant and in chronological order.

LinkedIn has offers a lot of space dedicated to different types of categories; publications, volunteer experience, honors and awards. That said, you don’t need to include every little detail. Your profile should be focused and tell your story.

Build your network from familiar faces before you reach out to connections you don’t know.

LinkedIn is a great way to meet people in your intended industry. The connections you already have can help you expand your networks. By building your network with the individuals you already know, you are able to see common connections. Your network can also help you get found!

Utilize the skills section.

The skills section in LinkedIn is a great way for you to list your strengths! I tend to keep my list to around 15-20, that way it is easier to build up endorsements and they are more eye catching to new connections.

LinkedIn is an easy way to grow your professional networks and it can get you found by the right people. So get moving and update your profile!

About the Blogger

Kaitlyn DiPietro is a junior at Simmons College in Boston, MA studying Retail Management. She is highly involved in the Undergraduate Admissions office as well as in the School of Management. She has a passion for the fashion industry and also loves to help people find their inner confidence.

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