Must-Have Items for The Successful Man’s Wardrobe

If the thought of shopping sends shivers down your spine, just remember that your appearance speaks volumes about who you are and where you are headed. Why not dress like the successful man you want to become? It’s time to invest in yourself and whip your wardrobe into shape. So, stop procrastinating, stop making excuses and get shopping!

When building or refining a wardrobe, I always start with the basics. I like to keep things simple by creating a list of the top 12 categories necessary to complete a professional wardrobe. Once you have purchased the basics then you can add more styles, colors or accessories as needed. And don’t forget you can always hire me to help. Have fun shopping!

1. One or two suits in a quality 3-season fabric

2. One or two sport coats

3. Custom or perfectly fitted dress shirts in basic colors

4. Quality ties (buy the best you can afford)

5. Flat front dress trousers in neutral colors

6. A great-fitting dark jean

7. Black and brown dress shoes

8. Casual loafer or driving moccasin

9. Belts to coordinate with shoes

10. Current style computer bag/cross over bag (style needs to suit your personality)

11. Trench coat

12. Overcoat (for warmer climates)

For more ideas on how to present yourself in the best possible light, check out my blog post 5 Quick Tips That Will Help You Communicate the Image You-Intend.


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