Summer to Fall Wardrobe Transition

I have to admit even though I am in the business of fashion, style and branding, I too struggle with what to wear as we transition from summer to fall. Since I live in the northeast, I am never quite sure what kind of weather September and October will bring. Sometimes it gets cool quickly and other times we’ll experience a heat wave kind of like what’s happening now. That said, it makes it really hard to select an outfit that is seasonally appropriate, looks fab and doesn’t make you sweat. That’s why one of my favorite clothing lines is CAbi. My friend and CAbi stylist, Carrie Humphreys always lets me schedule a private session with her so I can view the line for my clients as well as purchase items for myself. Plus, I just love hanging with her and discussing the trends we love most and how to wear them. The clothes are unique, well made, coordinate from season to season, work for many body types and are not too pricey. A perfect combination!

The fall line includes several jackets in forgiving fabrics that complete a business casual, professional look in a snap. Many of the styles work well in the office and for the weekend. Carrie and I have pulled together a few looks below to show how to transition from summer to fall through layering as well as some mix and match options. It’s always helpful to develop what we call a “capsule,” so you can create several outfits with a few pieces. I love teaching my clients how to do it, as it saves them time and money and it takes the stress out of getting dressed or even packed for a trip.

Enjoy our funny photo shoot! Please let me know if you’d like to see the line and I’ll connect you with Carrie. Please also reach out to me if you need help with your overall wardrobe and professional image development. We’d love to help!


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