Are You Polished and Prepared for Success?

Your complete professional image goes beyond the clothes you wear. It's a combination of your appearance, nonverbal and verbal communication skills, talents, values and promise of value you provide. It is the total experience your customers and colleagues have with you and it needs to be positive!

Follow my tips below and you will always be polished, poised and prepared for success.

  1. Your appearance should reflect a polished, credible, pulled-together and professional image. Take time to think about what your clothing quality, hairstyle, body language and business tools say about you. Are you prepared for success, or are you on the brink of disaster like the realtor described above?

  2. Always be prepared with your business cards and marketing materials. Make sure they are printed on quality stock and up to date with contact information and current services.

  3. A little planning goes a long way. Be prepared for your appointments. Not only with your business materials but with your content. Know your material inside and out whether you are selling a house or delivering a proposal. Your experience should be reflected in both your customer service and presentation skills.

  4. Focus on the details. People do business with those they trust. Trust comes from focusing on every possible detail. Showing current and prospective clients you have everything under control makes them feel confident that you will do an excellent job.

  5. After a meeting or networking event follow up with an email, Linkedin request or personal note. Sending a follow up message reinforces your connection and highlights your communication skills and manners.

Overlooking the important role a positive customer experience plays in business success is a mistake many people make. Just because you know you can get the job done doesn’t mean your prospective client knows you can do it. It might be time to take a look at how you really show up.


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