Apply Makeup for a Polished Look in 10 Minutes or Less

Do you want to learn how to do you make up in 10 minutes or less? If you answered yes, then watch my video below. Robin McAloon is a professional make up artist as well as my friend and colleague. Robin does my make up for both my professional and social events. She is fabulous and that is why I have asked her to demonstrate how she works her magic. I have also included all the products she uses during the video in this blog to make it easier for you.

Keep in mind that it is a good idea to get samples of makeup to be sure you don’t experience an allergic reaction and that the colors match your skin tone correctly. These products and colors may not work for everyone but can be used as a guide. Please let us know if you have any questions. Robin can be contacted at, or through my resources page. I can be contacted at or through my contact page.

A daily skincare regimen supports the best results with your makeup application.


Aveda - Tinted Moisturizer "Sweet tea"

Aveda - Concealer "Hazelnut"

Aveda - Loose powder "Translucent"

Benefit - Bronzer "Hoola"

Stila - Custom Color blush in "Coral" or "Pink"

Sephora - Eyebrow Editor - "Midnight Brown Palette" (shade closest to natural color or 1 lighter)

Stila - "In the Light" Eyeshadow Palette (beautiful neutral colors)

Stila - Smudgestick Eyeliner "Damsel"

Cover Girl - Lash Blast Mascara in "Black"

Lips - Any lip color that tints your natural lip in a gloss or lipstick (don't be afraid to try a few)


Aveda -

Foundation/Concealer brush

Powder brush

Blush brush

Medium eyeshadow brush

Smudge brush (to soften edges of eyeliner if needed)

Angle brush/comb (can be used for brows & with eyeliner as well)

Makeup sponges

Eye makeup remover


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