9 Ways to Not Look Like a Newbie on the Job

Starting a new job can be overwhelming and stressful. You are meeting new people daily, developing a relationship with your new manager, maneuvering through company policies and procedures, setting up your office and figuring out the expectations of your new role. Just trying to remember everyone’s names in your first week can be a job in itself. Now, layer on top the pressure of making a great first impression and you have one stressed out newbie!

Follow these eight tips and you’ll look like you’ve been on board for months.

  1. Check out the attire of the people who hold one or two positions above you and dress as they do. If the company is business casual and they wear a jacket then wear a jacket or blazer.

  2. Focus on the details of your appearance. Don’t come to work with your hair wet. Get a professional haircut and style it before you leave home.

  3. Wear makeup to complete your look. Lipstick, blush and mascara can make a world of difference.

  4. Skip the flip-flops for commuting to work. Instead, wear ballet flats that coordinate with your outfit and change as soon as you reach your office lobby. You never know whom you will run into in the elevator.

  5. Focus on your body language. Nonverbal communication can either support your image or hinder it. Stand and sit up straight but maintain a relaxed feel. Walk with confidence. Smile, make eye contact and deliver a strong handshake.

  6. Remember, details matter. Press or iron your clothes. Tailor them to fit you perfectly and select the highest quality clothing you can afford. It’s better to have five high quality classic pieces that can stand the test of time than a wardrobe filled with shabby clothes.

  7. Carry your portfolio or notebook at your side and not in front of you like you are still in school.

  8. Lose the backpack computer bag. Nothing says newbie like a backpack.

  9. Invest in a leather notebook and high quality pen.


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