Are You On Their Radar? 6 Tips To Get Noticed

It is important to gain the support from your boss and other key players in your industry to help you get promoted. One of the tips I mentioned was to clarify your target audience by understanding and identifying who can get you promoted within your organization (or even outside your company.) It’s critical to understand what they are looking for when selecting candidates and how to capture their attention.

Here are some tips to help get you on the radar of your boss and potential champions:

  1. Keep up to date on industry news and developments. Try, LinkedinPulse or set up google alerts. When the opportunity presents itself, share information or an idea that can open a new approach to an old problem.

  2. Be well prepared for meetings. Anticipate potential issues that could derail your presentation or project and be ready with examples, key data or alternative ideas. Open-mindedness, adaptability and resourcefulness are attractive skills.

  3. Identify growth opportunities outside of your department. Determine how to work on projects that provide exposure to other areas of your organization. Cross-functional experience is a plus and may also enable visibility to the people you want to impress.

  4. If possible, write articles relevant to your field and post them on your company’s intranet site or on industry blogs. The goal is to get known as a “go to” resource in your company and eventually in your industry.

  5. If you are trying to gain visibility outside of your organization, research your industry’s professional organizations and groups. Identify the movers and shakers and what events they attend. Make an effort to attend these events and introduce yourself. Get their card and follow up through LinkedIn. Develop your network by following industry leaders on Twitter.

  6. If networking events aren’t your thing, then ask some of these potential champions to lunch. They could be people from inside your organization. This is a great way to get to know them better as well as share your career plans. If you are asking them to lunch make sure you pay for the lunch as a “thank you.”

Remember, it takes time and effort to move your career forward. And no matter what you choose to do make sure your image reflects a professional who is polished, poised and prepared for success.


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