[Video] How To Enforce An Employee Dress Code

Selecting appropriate business casual attire is a challenge all its own. Couple it with warm weather and you can send a company’s dress code into a tailspin. After a long winter, employees look forward to shedding their heavy attire in favor of lighter, body-baring clothing. Often during the spring and summer months, employees look more like they are going to the beach instead of the office. Whether you like it or not, wardrobe blunders can quickly compromise credibility and can even impact your prospects for a promotion.

Two of the biggest clothing mistakes women make are revealing too much skin and dressing too sexy. It’s hard to be taken seriously when the focus is on your body and not on your work.

You may have heard these tips several times before but the fact that I still see these blunders tells me they need to be repeated! Enjoy. Men, listen up too!

  1. If you wear it to the beach, it doesn’t belong in the office. (No flip-flops!)

  2. Avoid tops that reveal your cleavage or tummy. No tank tops, midriff tops, halter-tops or shirts that are just a smidge too short so that when you lift your arms, everyone can see your tummy.

  3. Save fabrics that are sheer or overly clingy for your life outside the office.

  4. Guys, please wear an undershirt—especially when it gets super hot. It will absorb the perspiration.

  5. Cover your tattoos.

  6. Piercings are not professional.

  7. Save shorts for the weekend.

  8. Keep skirt length to no more than two inches above your knee. Save the maxi style for the weekend or social life. This is not a professional look.

  9. If your dress code allows open toe shoes or sandals, make sure your feet are well cared for and toes are polished. No one wants to look at neglected feet.

  10. If you choose to wear white pants to work, then invest in flesh tone undergarments. If the pocket lining shows through, cut them out and have them sewn shut. Seeing anything through your clothes is distracting.

  11. Skip low rise pant styles that reveal your under garments.

Creating a polished and professional style that is authentic and radiates confidence, credibility and competence is a winning combination.


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