What Are Your Surroundings Saying About You?

Have you ever walked into a colleague’s office, noticed it looked as if it was hit by a tornado, and thought “Wow they must be having a bad day?” What about their car? Are fast food containers and wrappers thrown everywhere? Are items spilling out of their glove box? Our environment tells a lot about what is going on in our lives.

Being organized says you are in control. Successful business people are incredibly organized. They have to be in order to accomplish the heavy workload they carry. I am not saying that everything has to be perfect all the time. I know I have my days. But when I have a prioritized to do list, my office and house are organized and my car is clean and my life runs a lot more smoothly. I am less stressed, more efficient and can tackle more challenging tasks or projects. I am in control of my day. Remember, at work, your goal is to be productive, efficient and deliver results. When you are disorganized, you waste time and energy and create unnecessary stress for yourself. If it is a chronic problem, your boss, peers and colleagues may even begin to question your abilities. Maintain your credibility and your sanity by following these simple rules:

  1. Keep your office space lean, mean and clean. Less is more. Keep supplies and other office gadgets hidden when not in use. A clutter free desk frees you mind to focus on the task at hand. A clean and organized office says you are efficient and in control.

  2. Streamline your filing system for easy access. Make sure your colleagues can access key information if necessary in the event you are out of the office for an extended period of time.

  3. Get rid of any clutter. Shred outdated documents on a quarterly basis. Create a small library of business and industry related books for quick reference of key topics.

  4. Use technology to your advantage. Create only one task list either on your computer of smart phone. Eliminate the little scraps of paper with scribbled notes on them. You’ll save time not looking for that lost sticky note.

  5. Clear off your desk before you leave each night. When you enter your office the following morning you will feel relaxed and ready to start your day. Starting your day with a cluttered office immediately creates stress.

  6. Adding a personal touch to your office definitely makes it more inviting, but don’t go overboard. No one needs to see every baby or vacation picture.

  7. Maintain a clutter-free and clean car by removing any trash when you come home each night.

  8. If you work out of your car or spend a lot of time traveling in it, try using car organization tools like a front seat and glove box organizer or a cell phone cup holder. A great resource for these is www.oranizer.com.

  9. Detail your car quarterly or do it yourself. A well-kept car says a lot about you. It also helps preserve you car long term and enhances the resale value.


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