What’s the Difference Between a Stylist and an Image Consultant?

A stylist assists you in creating a specific look for an event or your lifestyle. An image consultant goes beyond the clothes and works mainly with business professionals who want to enhance their career success. An image consultant guides you in presenting yourself in the best possible light. He or she helps you communicate your authentic story through your physical appearance, behavior and communication skills with the end goal of aligning your image with your career goals. An image consultant works with individuals but are also hired by companies to teach employees the importance of professional presence to ensure they are representing the brand of the organization successfully. Certified image consultants go through extensive training so they are able to deliver the following:

  • Identify the colors that work best with your natural coloring and communicate the message you intend.

  • Identify the clothing styles and brands that work with your specific body shape and the image you want to portray.

  • Show you why certain fabrics and constructions work for your body shape and style.

  • Share specific tips and tools that enhance your professional presence and make it easier to get dressed for work each day.

  • Demonstrate the different levels of professional dress.

  • Help you uncover the nonverbal actions that may be sabotaging your credibility.

  • Identify body language and communication strategies that enhance your professional presence.

  • Develop your personal brand both offline and online.

  • Educate you on appropriate business and dining etiquette.


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