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Take the stress out of getting ready each morning with my Wardrobe Refresh package. Do you struggle with getting dressed each day for work? Are you ready to get rid of the old and take your wardrobe from drab to fab? Did you know that most people wear only 20 percent of the clothing in their closets? So what’s the other 80 percent doing in there? Taking up unnecessary space and causing you stress!  Invest in this package today!


Here’s how it works …

We will spend 30 minutes on the phone discussing your homework results, reviewing your challenges and outlining your goals. Then, together we will review via Skype, FaceTime or in-studio the items in your seasonal wardrobe, and decide what stays and what needs to go. Finally, we’ll identify the items that are missing and create a shopping plan for you to acquire them. In addition, you get a 15-minute follow-up call and I’ll send you the three additional bonus items listed below. This package is two hours.


Bonuses (over $100 value):
  • One 15-minute follow-up call

  • Shopping strategy tip sheet with resources

  • Appearance and clothing checklist

  • A list of the 12 items every professional wardrobe should include


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