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“Your leadership presence is determined by a number of components—from how effectively you communicate to how you represent your inner purpose and credibility through your visual presence to how you deliver your promise of value. We work together to bring cohesiveness and consistency to all your branding elements so that you can reach newfound levels of success.” – Margaret Batting


As you step into your first C-suite role, switch careers, plan for your next round of investment funding or welcome your first managerial role, Margaret is by your side as your advisor, ensuring that you approach your next defining career moment with heightened confidence, clarity and achievement. Through her Brand Activation Coaching, you will dive deep into the key elements that shape your personal brand and craft strategies for continued mastery of these elements. 

your cHAlLeNGE

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room.” - Jeff Bezos, Founder of

If you asked your colleagues, friends and family to describe you, what words do you believe would come to mind? Would “visionary,” “reputable,” “leader” or “powerhouse” top the list? Would there be a stark difference between the words you wish to be known for and the ones that actually make the list?

When it comes to defining your story—or clearly understanding what you stand for and how that comes across—you may experience the following challenges:

  • Underdeveloped promise of value

  • Lack of clarity around your purpose, vision or core values

  • Brand inconsistency or conflict—in-person vs. online presence

  • Unclear on how you desire to operate

  • Unsure what it means to be on- or off-brand 

  • Overwhelmed with Imposter Syndrome feelings


In working with Margaret, you will define, strengthen and master your personal narrative—the story you wish to communicate to the world. From conceptualizing your power statement to exploring your ideology, you will gain clarity on how to author your story. 


By laser focusing on your story, you will:

  • Elevate your executive presence to positively influence business relationships and outcomes

  • Create a distinct and authentic style and personal brand that fits you, your career and your lifestyle

  • Gain clarity on what you want to happen today, tomorrow and months from now with your career

  • Demonstrate clear, consistent and effective brand messaging

  • Enhance your professionalism and credibility with managers, colleagues, senior executives, and the community at large

your cHAlLeNGE

Has a recent career inflection point caused you to question whether you need to up-level or amend your visual presence? Are you worried that your inner and outer brand may be in conflict? Unsure of how to dress appropriately and powerfully, but also authentically?

When it comes to honing your visual presence and image, you may be experiencing the following challenges:

  • Urgency to up-level, re-review your wardrobe brought on by a career inflection point

  • Desire to dress your body effectively but unsure of where to begin

  • Roadblocks at work—lack of promotion, advancement, etc.—because of visual presentation missteps

  • Interest in upgrading or modernizing your image 

  • Discomfort in your own skin, lack of confidence around how to dress for your body type 


In order to achieve your goals, you need to make a favorable impression. Whether you’ve been at your company for 10  years or are transitioning into a new career, your professional image needs to reflect your personal style, and your confidence needs to soar. Margaret helps you establish your image as a key strategic tool that communicates your story from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

By laser focusing on your visual presence, you will:

  • Emerge as a polished, pulled together leader

  • Gain clarity on appropriate wardrobe, hairstyle and makeup choices that work for your body type and complexion

  • Identify your key business essentials and develop a wardrobe management plan that supports your goals

  • Dress for your age, position, industry, personal brand and next promotion

  • Reflect your key image words through your presence and wardrobe

  • Reduce stress getting ready for work or any business event

your challenge

With nine out of 10 conversations ending in misunderstanding, a core tenet of masterful leadership presence is having strong communications—both verbal and non-verbal. But emerging as a commanding communicator is challenging. It requires sharp attention to who is on the receiving end of the conversation and how he or she synthesizes information.

As you approach your next critical career move, you may be struggling with the following:

  • Nonverbal and verbal communication skills getting in the way of your advancement

  • Communication style can come across too casual and diminish your leadership presence 

  • Trouble speaking up, dealing with conflict and navigating difficult conversations

  • Fear of public speaking, interviews and networking events

  • Struggle when it comes to influencing others for common outcomes

  • Removing yourself from the conversation when you feel intimated and uncomfortable 


Whether you are being asked to deliver a presentation at your next executive leadership meeting, holding regular one-on-one meetings with your team, or trying to secure new business, your communication skill sets can become powerful weapons in establishing your leadership presence. With Margaret, you will explore how to make a memorable, magnetic impression through the mastery of verbal- and non-verbal techniques.

By zeroing in on your communication delivery, you will: 

  • Strategically frame language to be more influential

  • Enhance non-verbal messaging to consistently support verbal messages

  • Develop superior written and verbal communication skills resulting in better business outcomes

  • Influence others more successfully 

  • Understand the nuances of leadership presence and effective communication skills and how each supports career success

your challenge

How many times have you attended a conference and jotted down something inspirational about shaping leadership presence only to never open the notebook again? The reality is that although we may want to invest in strengthening our personal brand—and consistently apply the actionable tips we learn along the way—life can get in the way.

As you navigate your career, you may struggle with the following:

  • Uncertainty in where to start or how to continue momentum you have reached with your personal brand activation

  • Daily whirlwind is getting in the way of continued focus on your story, visual and communications elements

  • Start-and-stop rhythm with your career acceleration 

  • Lack of accountability and execution when it comes to branding tactics


As you dive into the core elements of your brand—story, visual presence and communications—Margaret ensures that you also craft an action plan so that you can continue to strengthen and apply these tools as your career unfolds. Together, you develop a custom personal branding activation plan that incorporates actionable strategies for how you can continue to rely on your branding elements to support all your transformative career moments.

As part of one-on-one, coaching you will:

  • Receive an action-oriented plan to continue to hone, strengthen and improve overall personal/professional image

  • Understand how to prioritize specific branding focus areas that need your attention the most

  • Receive concrete recommendations on how to take what was worked on and put it in action 

  • Receive additional leadership communications coaching to ensure messaging is delivered consistently and effectively

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