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To be successful, you need to look successful. Do you look and feel confident?  Does your image say credible, polished and professional? Do you have a wardrobe that says you’re going places or does it say, “I’m stagnant, dated and in need of significant help?” If you want to achieve the assured, powerful executive presence you’re going for then The Polished Image Package is the one for you! This package is approximately four and a half hours.


Working From the Inside Out

The process starts with pre-work for you and then an in-depth interview with me.  I need a clear picture of who you are and where you are going before we can begin to make any worthwhile changes to your image and personal brand.  By completing this first step, I’ll know you are committed to your development.


Auditing Your Closet

Analyzing what your closet holds is essential to providing helpful wardrobe advice. We’ll review your entire seasonal wardrobe and decide together what stays and what goes, and create eye-opening outfit combinations. You’ll learn what styles and colors work best for you, along with the six absolute “must dos” for creating a polished image. My basic wardrobe planning and shopping strategy will guide you toward all that you need to pull the look together on your own.


Capsule Building 101

Using the clothes in your current wardrobe, I’ll show you how to build “capsules” of clothing with your existing wardrobe, including accessories. You’ll not only maximize your outfit options, you’ll save time and money! And if you travel for work, packing will be a cinch. We’ll also develop a shopping list to complete your capsules. You’ll be excited to get dressed every day!


Bonuses (over $300 value):

  • Two 15-minute follow-up phone, FaceTime or Skype calls to keep you on track and address any challenges you may be experiencing

  • Shopping strategy tip sheet with resources

  • Capsule building tools

  • Appearance and clothing checklist

  • A list of the 12 items every professional wardrobe should include

  • 6 articles with tip sheets based on your needs and goals


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