Define Your Story

Work From the Inside Out



“Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room,” Jeff Bezos, Founder of

If you asked your colleagues, friends and family to describe you, what words do you believe would come to mind? Would “visionary,” “reputable,” “leader” or “powerhouse” top the list? Would there be a stark difference between the words you wish to be known for and the ones that actually make the list?

When it comes to defining your story—or clearly understanding what you stand for and how that comes across—you may experience the following challenges:

  • Underdeveloped elevator pitch

  • Lack of clarity around your purpose, vision or core values

  • Brand inconsistency or conflict—in-person vs. online presence

  • Unclear on how you desire to operate

  • Unsure what it means to be on- or off-brand 

  • Overwhelmed with Imposter Syndrome feelings




In working with Margaret, you will define, strengthen and master your personal narrative—the story you wish to communicate to the world. From conceptualizing your power statement to exploring your ideology, you will gain clarity on how to author your story. 
By laser focusing on your story, you will:

  • Elevate your executive presence to positively influence business relationships and outcomes

  • Create a distinct and authentic style and personal brand that fits you, your career and your lifestyle

  • Gain clarity on what you want to happen today, tomorrow and months from now with your career

  • Demonstrate clear, consistent and effective brand messaging

  • Enhance your professionalism and credibility with managers, colleagues, senior executives, and the community at large




“Margaret is a consummate professional. She readily shares her knowledge and expertise to inspire professionals to project an image that is aligned with their professional goals. She offers practical solutions and ideas to define, create, express and enhance executive presence. As a business woman, she is forward-looking and has vision for results. Her pioneering, positive attitude is a clear strength.” - Lisa Bergeron

Margaret Batting - Professional Development Consultant, Executive Coach, Brand Strategist and Keynote Speaker, Servicing Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Beyond
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