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Graduation is drawing near...


...Now what? It is time for targeted advice to help you land your dream job.

YOUR CAREER STARTS HERE - with image and personal branding advice


They have all been talking about it - your teachers, your parents, your friends. How many times a day do you hear someone reference "the real world?" They make it sound as if you are currently in some staged, fake alter universe. As ridiculous as that may be, there is a glimmer of truth in that you don't fully know what lurks in the fluorescent lit hallways of your future in the "real world," other than what you've seen at that summer internship and episodes of Mad Men. If you are anything like I was as a college student, you are likely terrified, because what is unknown is often feared. But with the right advice and preparing yourself and your personal brand beforehand, you will have the tools to land the career of your dreams and the confidence to truly shine.


So whether you plan to be a preschool school teacher or a social media mogul, I have information that can help. Tour my resources below for the guidance you've been looking for, or skip right down to learn more about my interview guide, by clicking this link. 


I am excited to join you on this journey! 


My best,




I am so passionate about what I do, and I love to share my advice with the world! Check out my blog reel below for helpful information written by me and some of my favorite people in the professional development industry - not to mention a few wonderfully insightful college students. Need more targeted advice on how to land your dream job? Download my interview guide! 


Take a look at my Tips & Resources page for free guides and checklists (snapshot below).


Are you prepared for your next interview? Fitting seamlessly into an organization and supporting a company’s brand image is an important component of career success. Presenting yourself in the best possible light is not always an easy accomplishment.  I have read so many articles on interview attire and felt that the information provided was very basic and general. None nailed the specifics and details of image development. After working with college students on this very topic I decided it was time to create a comprehensive guide about appropriate interview attire and behavior.  Your resume and college credentials will get you in the door but how you present yourself will help you land the job.  In this e-booklet you will find the following information: 

  • 1.     A detailed description of appropriate interview attire for your first and second interviews.

  • 2.     A detailed description of appropriate interview attire based on industry.

  • 3.     Strategies to determine how others perceive you.

  • 4.     An exercise to identify your key image words and how to communicate them effectively.

  • 5.     A list of details that will help set you apart from your competition.

  • 6.     A list of 26 image busters.

  • 7.     An image assessment checklist

  • 8.     A list of interview preparation tips.

  • 9.     Body language dos and don’ts.


  • 10.   A list of shopping resources


I’ve included a few pages for you to check out before you purchase.  If you are not happy with the booklet I will refund 100% of your money.


Preview the first three pages here:



After 15+ rewarding years spent working for Fortune 500 companies, I felt it was time for a personal change — it was time to do something that combined my passion for fashion, teaching, health and well-being with my desire to inspire others to create positive change in their lives.


In 2008, I launched a corporate image communications business. As a Certified Image Consultant and Reach Personal Brand Strategist, I specialize in professional image development and non-verbal communication. I work with mid- to large-sized businesses showing employees how to represent their company in the best possible light, and I teach business professionals and entrepreneurs how to align their image with their career.  I also work with college students transitioning into the workplace. 


Some of my high-profile clients include Staples, Inc., CareerBuilder, Bank of America, and Atrion Networking Corporation.


Margaret Batting - Professional Development Consultant, Executive Coach, Brand Strategist and Keynote Speaker, Servicing Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Beyond
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