Craft Your Action Plan

Accountability and execution



How many times have you attended a conference and jotted down something inspirational about shaping leadership presence only to never open the notebook again? The reality is that although we may want to invest in strengthening our personal brand—and consistently apply the actionable tips we learn along the way—life can get in the way.

As you navigate your career, you may struggle with the following:

  • Uncertainty in where to start or how to continue momentum you have reached with your personal brand activation

  • Daily whirlwind is getting in the way of continued focus on your story, visual and communications elements

  • Start-and-stop rhythm with your career acceleration 

  • Lack of accountability and execution when it comes to branding tactics




As you dive into the core elements of your brand—story, visual presence and communications—Margaret ensures that you also craft an action plan so that you can continue to strengthen and apply these tools as your career unfolds. Together, you develop a custom personal branding activation plan that incorporates actionable strategies for how you can continue to rely on your branding elements to support all your transformative career moments.

As part of the Brand Activation Package, you will:

  • Receive an action-oriented plan to continue to hone, strengthen and improve overall personal/professional image

  • Understand how to prioritize specific branding focus areas that need your attention the most

  • Receive concrete recommendations on how to take what was worked on and put it in action 

  • Receive additional leadership communications coaching to ensure messaging is delivered consistently and effectively

Margaret Batting - Professional Development Consultant, Executive Coach, Brand Strategist and Keynote Speaker, Servicing Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Beyond
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